Why Your Dog Prefers Mobile Pet Grooming Over a Grooming Salon

Grooming a dog

Your dog may be excited to go on a road trip but once they get to the grooming salon they can experience anxiety. A grooming salon isn’t as great as you think. Mobile pet grooming is the modern equivalent of caring for your dog’s grooming needs, and it’s also rapidly becoming one of the most popular pet services for dogs too.

1. Decreased anxiety.

Your dog may love to hide out in their crate at home, but being stuck in a crate at a strange location for hours on end can make them feel sad and anxious. Often groomers don’t know how long it will take to groom each pet, leaving your pet abandoned and alone while they wait for their turn. But when you book a mobile grooming service you can have your dog run free until the groomer arrives. And since your dog is at home, they’ll be happy and eager for some additional attention.

2. Greater convenience.

Your dog is groomed at your convenience, not the pet groomers. So you can carry on your daily activities at home until the pet groomer arrives, rather than driving out to a groomer’s and waiting hours for your dog’s turn. Often many mobile pet groomers also offer early morning hours, after-work hours, or weekend hours that the shop groomers don’t.

3. No other animals.

A pet groomer’s shop may have many other dogs or even cats there that can also make your dog or puppy anxious. Often these pets are kept closely together, making them cry or howl, which makes your dog feel even worse. But since a mobile groomer arrives at your home, there are no worries that your dog will become anxious with other strange pets around.

4. A focused pet groomer.

If you’re bringing your dog to a pet salon then you know how distracted the groomer can be. Often they have to keep an eye on the other animals in the shop, answer the telephone, and check new guests in. This increases the odds that your dog may get a cut or a knick from the trimmers. But a mobile pet groomer will be able to stay 100% focused on your dog in their special dog grooming van, or inside your home if you choose to keep an eye on them.

5. A happier family.

A mobile dog groomer provides so many benefits that they’re worth the extra cost of hiring them to visit your home. Not only will your dog be happy that a visitor is there to pay full attention to them for the next half an hour to hour, but you’ll also feel happy and cheerful that you’ve both been saved the inconvenience of having to waste half your day by traveling to your local dog grooming salon.

If you’d like to provide a better dog grooming experience for your pet then please search our Simple Puppy pet care marketplace for a mobile pet groomer that will travel to your home.