Why You Should Prescreen Your Pet Care Clients

Woman hugging a dog

If you’re been providing dog walking or pet sitting services to your friends, and are considering getting serious with a professional pet care business, you probably know by now that you can’t make everyone happy. And it’s not even all about making people happy, but that some people are just crazy! You are within your rights to prescreen any potential pet service clients. You may feel like you’ve lost some business, but actually, all you’ve lost is a headache.

Here’s some advice on how to handle clients.

1. Location location location.

Here at Barxie, you can list your services in any region of the US. It’s up to you to choose your working area. But don’t be surprised if some pet owners ask you to drive out to them. Be clear in your pet services listings on the region you’re willing to work within.

2. Be clear on actual services.

If you only offer pet sitting services at your clients’ home, be firm. Chances are you’re not set up for dog boarding at your home, and if you have pets yourself, they may not be happy. You don’t want to be put on the spot even if they offer you more cash.

3. Enforce your availability.

Some pet owners may expect you to be at their beck and call 24/7. It’s kind of like having a pet! It’s important to list your working hours and stick with it.

4. Ask about their prior experience.

Ask your potential pet client if they have used dog walking or pet sitting services before. If they have, they should be familiar with how everything works. If they’ve never used pet services before, you should provide some information to them.

5. House or apartment access.

Find out if there will be anyone else staying at the house or apartment where you’ll be providing your pet sitting or dog walking services. Most insurance companies require that no other person has access while the pet owner is away.

6. Trust your instincts.

If you’re messaging with a potential pet client, speaking on the phone with them, or meeting them in person, trust your instincts. Do they seem friendly and reasonable? Or, are warning alarms going off in your head that you need to steer clear? Are they asking for discounts, or you just can’t seem to negotiate with them? Trust your instincts and say goodbye.

And don’t be surprised if you’re asked to provide services outside the scope of pet care. There will always be people who message you with questions, even though you have it all listed on your site. Remain friendly and helpful, but don’t be afraid to say no if you don’t provide these pet services outside of your city, or your timeframe.

Please visit our Barxie directory where you can list your own pet care services. We do our best to make it simple for you, so you can focus on what you do best – caring for your clients’ beloved pets!