Why Won’t My Dog Stop Barking?

Dog Barking

Your dog may be your best friend but they can also be annoying too. While we may love to have a good chat with our dog during playtime, excessive barking is not only annoying when you’re trying to sleep, but it can also land you in trouble with strata, HOA, or city bylaws – all of which can result in costly fines. Some frustrated dog owners even go so far as to abandon their dog. But don’t despair, there are things you can do to help train a talkative pup or adult dog.

Dogs can bark for the same reasons that humans talk. You must first understand that dogs bark as a form of communication. They may be barking at you, another animal, or another person.

A dog can bark in response to stimuli, to tell you yes or no, to let you know there is a visitor or intruder nearby, or to tell you they’re in pain. The trick is to figure out why they’re barking, particularly if it’s excessive. Once you discover the reason why then you can figure out a way to get them to stop.

Just like with cats, dogs rarely talk to each other, but they’ll bark at you to communicate. And this is where it gets tricky in trying to train your dog to bark less, particularly when you’re chatting at them a mile a minute – as they want to participate too!

Dogs will bark in greeting when their human arrives home, or when they meet someone new. Your dog is showing his love for you. But if your dog is doing it excessively and jumping all over the place, most likely they’re trying to tell you that they’re lonely and their needs aren’t being met.

In many cities, it’s illegal to chain your dog up outside. Usually what happens is that they incessantly bark. Not only have you chained the poor dog up so they can’t run around too much, but they’re also lonely and feel abandoned.

The solution may be to hire a Simple Puppy dog sitter or dog walker to visit your dog during the day. This ensures they get the attention they deserve. Many people are away ten to twelve hours a day at jobs and have long commutes. It’s rather difficult explaining this to a dog!

Your dog may also bark when they’re in pain. If you can’t figure out a cause for the barking – particularly if there is always someone at home to give them attention – it may be time to search for a veterinarian in your locality on our Simple Puppy website. Responding to your dog’s complaints can also save you money, as often neglected injuries or health conditions worsen over time, and can cost a lot more in vet bills the longer you wait.

Give your dog some time each day to bark to their heart’s content. They’re excited to see you and want to have a good long chat about their day! But if you really can’t figure it out then call an expert to help make your life happier with your best friend.

Featured image from Unsplash