Why Puppy & Dog Training Leads to Happiness

Dog training

It can be tempting to skip the puppy or dog training after you’ve adopted a furry companion. Unlike cats who are trained by their moms, dogs can run crazy all day long if we allow them to. That sounds like a great concept until your dog has chewed up your furniture, used your rug as a toilet, and wake you up 10 times on a work night. Dog adoptions are a cause for celebration, but our furry loves can be just as much work as a child is.

The good news is that you can train your pet to ease that transition from wild animal to a family member. And you can do it yourself, attend a doggy training class, or find a pet professional on Simple Puppy to help you.

Most pet lovers know that there will be growing pains when you bring a new pet into the household. A new pet can be frightened and want to hide. They don’t understand why they’ve been uprooted from a home that they once loved. There can be a lot of caring and patience required to make your pet feel comfortable.

Some pet owners take a lackadaisical approach to dog training. They have old furniture and don’t mind cleaning up messes if their pet has an accident. But consider the day when you might want to buy new furniture, or move to a new home, or even have guests over.

You can begin with basic commands. Set aside the same time each day with your dog. Your dog will be excited that its playtime. Make training fun, not a chore. Be sure to provide plenty of treats during the training exercises.

Once your dog has settled into your new home, you can sign up for a dog training class to cover any challenges you are facing.

If you have taken a more passive approach to dog training, the good news is that you can begin at any time. Even mature or senior dogs can be taught new tricks. Sometimes older dogs also take up new habits. You may have thought you’d taught them good behavior, until one day, they misbehave. If you allow it to continue, they’ll think it’s allowed and continue to do it.

Another reason to have a well-trained pet is for those times when you want to bring them to the park to socialize with other dogs or pet owners. Perhaps you want a vacation and need to find a pet sitter on Simple Puppy.

Your pet care professional will be pleased to know that your pet is well-trained. The last thing they want is a pet that isn’t going to obey and runoff in the park.

Puppy and dog training can lead to happiness. This process provides your dog with the knowledge of what is good behavior. But will it ever stop them from occasionally being naughty? Well, no, but that’s fine because we still love our animals for who they really are!