What Were the Top Dog Names in 2018?

2018 Dog Names

Simple Puppy has been proud of our 2018 web and mobile apps launch that connects pet lovers with pet sitters, walkers, and pet care professionals of all kind. Perhaps 2018 was special for you too. If you adopted a puppy or dog in the past year then you may be curious whether their name made the list of top dog names of 2018.

Perhaps you’re planning on adopting a dog in 2019? You may be curious about the best names, or perhaps you want to steer clear of the most popular names and opt for something different.

Dog names of 2018 were inspired by pop culture, tradition, and even human baby names. Here are the top 10 dog names for males and females in 2018.

Top 10 Male Dog Names

Some of these dog names have been inspired by tv shows or movies. A few, such as Buddy or Bear, seem to have been around for nearly a century. Oliver, Max, and Bear are also popular names for cats.

1. Max
2. Charlie
3. Cooper
4. Buddy
5. Jack
6. Rocky
7. Duke
8. Bear
9. Tucker
10. Oliver

Top 10 Female Dog Names

How many Lucys do you know? Our own Lucy made second on the list of female dogs. Bella is at the top, a variation of one of the most popular baby names today: Isabel. Some names have also been borrowed by cats, including Luna, Molly, and Lola.

1. Bella
2. Lucy
3. Luna
4. Daisy
5. Lola
6. Sadie
7. Molly
8. Bailey
9. Maggie
10. Stella

Top Dog Name Influencers of 2018

Besides classic or traditional dog names, and pop culture names, science fiction actually had a strong influence on dog names too. The characters from Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and superhero movies had a heavy influence on dog names.

Of the pop culture names, often dogs got named for the bad guys in the film, such as Vader, Loki, Or Darth. Royalty also had a strong influence on dog names, with dogs named after royal babies, including Sophie, George, and Harry. Video games have also provided inspiration to 2018 dog names, including Mako, Tracker, Rex, and Whip.

It’s no surprise that many cats are named after food, but naming dogs after food is also popular. Biscuit, Muffin, Whiskey, and Cheetos should continue to be popular dog names in 2019.

What you name your dog may even be influenced by what city you live in. For instance, in Miami, the top dog names of 2018 were Max, Charlie, Rocky, Buddy, Zeus, Bella, Luna, Lola, Daisy, and Mia. But if you lived on the other side of the country in Portland, the top names are quite similar, but with a few differences: Max, Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, Jack, Bella, Lucy, Luna, Daisy, and Penny.

Dog names are just like cat or baby names, they’re influenced by current events and movies and TV shows. If you’re searching for your next dog’s or puppy’s name then you may want to start writing down great names as you hear them.

How did your dog get their name? Tell us in the comments below!