Top 6 Smaller Dog Breeds to Suit Your Smaller Home

Cute Chihuahua

If your last beloved family member has just crossed the Rainbow Bridge, it may be time to adopt a new dog to fill that emptiness in your heart. It’s also the perfect time to consider your goals. Are you staying in your small apartment or condo forever, or are you planning to buy a house with a gigantic back yard? Unfortunately, most of us must make do with smaller living arrangements. And that can mean rental or HOA restrictions on the number of pets, and even on dog breeds and sizes.

Here are the top 6 smaller dog breeds to suit your smaller home.

1. Affenpinscher

These cute little dogs look like a cross between a Persian cat and a monkey. These dogs were bred in the 17th to 18th centuries to rid barns and shops of rats and mice. These dogs may be small, but they have endless sources of energy, always ready for a visit to the park.

2. Bolognese. If you’re seeking a dog who is loyal to you, the Bolognese may be the one. They love to go for walks and will enjoy hanging out with you while you do errands around the town. They’ll also enjoy playing with the kids in the backyard. This dog originated from Bologna, Italy, and has long soft fluffy white hair. Dog lovers will have to be patient though, as this dog wants to rule the house.

3. Boston Terrier

Originally bred to be vicious fighters, the breed today is friendly and loving. If you’re seeking a 75% companion and 25% guard dog for your home, the Boston Terrier will be eager to guard your territory. But generally, they love to cuddle up on the couch with their owner at the end of a long day.

4. Bichon Frise

These little dogs look a lot like poodles. They have small compact bodies, with a cute little face and floppy ears. They are generally white. They have a good-natured but perky personality to match their looks. They enjoy wearing cute little outfits, particularly during the colder months.

5. Chihuahua

This type of dog is one of the smaller breeds and is known for its antics. If you need a companion, they’ll be ready to go. You’ll never be bored with the chihuahua, and they’re suitable for all types of smaller apartments and mobile homes.

6. Dachshund

This type of dog has a long slender body and short stature. They are full of energy and can make you laugh. They were originally bred to attack badgers, hence their name: “Dachs” for badger, and “Hund” for a dog. But don’t worry, today’s dachshunds are friendly around small children and other types of pets.

A smaller dog breed is the best solution for when you’d love to adopt a dog but can’t have one of the larger dog breeds in your home. There are several smaller dog breeds than listed here, so do your research.

Even though some dogs are easier to train than others, you may still need a bit of extra help. You can find a professional dog trainer through the Simply Puppy site or app. Soon your new family member will be wagging their way through your heart!