The Definitive Christmas Gift Guide for Pets

Christmas Kitty

The true meaning of Christmas is spending time with family, but you don’t want your furry friends to feel left out while everyone is unwrapping gifts. Dogs and cats should be on your gift list this year. But it can be difficult to think of a special Christmas gift to give a pet when you’ve already spoiled them throughout the year.

Here is the definitive Christmas gift guide for dogs and cats.

1. Higher quality treats or food.

Most dogs aren’t fussy about what they eat, while cats are more particular. But often we reach for the grocery store brand food, which is cheap and perhaps not all that healthy for them. This season, head to a pet supply store and buy them a high-quality dog or cat food. Look for ones that have a limited amount of grain fillers (animals don’t eat that in the wild), and a minimum of food additives that can cause upset tummies.

2. Handcrafted toys.

You’ve bought the cheap toys for your pet, but now it’s time to head to a local craft fair or market to buy them some really nice gifts. Handmade toys are sturdier and more durable than a cheap toy made overseas. You can also feel assured that the toys have been made from organic fabric, and are free of toxins.

3. Handmade blankets.

Does your dog or cat go through a lot of blankets in the week? Blankets can cover a pet bed, making it last much longer. Plus, it’s a lot easier to wash a couple of blankets during the week than it is to stuff an entire pet bed into the washing machine. To make your gift extra-special, buy some nice fleece material from the fabric store and sew it yourself. Don’t worry if there are imperfections, your pet won’t even notice!

4. Heating pad.

There are special heating pads made just for pets. If your pet is getting older, chances are they suffer from arthritis or sore muscles just like we do. A heating pad will help to ease sore and stiff joints. These special pet heating pads are designed with additional safety features. They also have auto-shut-off switches, just in case you forget to turn it off before you leave for work.

5. Nice dishes.

Have you been using any old dish for your pet? Likely they clank and move around the floor. Instead, buy them stainless steel bowls that fit within a durable wooden structure. This helps the dishes to stay put and also keeps their food station a lot cleaner. Look for a set that has three bowls in it, rather than two: wet food, dry food, and water bowl.

When you’re trying to think up a good Christmas gift for your pet, consider their needs. This should help to solve one of your pet care problems. Just imagine how excited your pet will be when they see their special gifts on Christmas Day!