The Benefits of Dog-Friendly Workplaces

Dog at Work

If you’ve been searching for a new job, you may wish to consider a dog-friendly workplace. If you’re an employer, then you may want to learn about the benefits of having a dog-friendly workplace too. And there are many people aren’t able to have their own pets at home, but can still benefit from the presence of dogs at work too.

1. Dogs lighten the environment.

Some work environments can be tense and stressful, due to the nature of their business: law office, counseling, call centers, etc. A dog can ease some of the seriousness, making people smile when they see a dog running around the office.

2. Dogs make customers/clients happy too.

When customers and clients see that there are dogs at your business or company, they’ll feel happy too! They’ll know that they’re doing business with a fair and equitable company that values pets and people too. We all know those businesses that ban pets – do you really want to do business with them? Or, will you go next door where dogs (and even cats!) are welcome? Having dogs on location will make customers and clients more likely to want to do business with you in the future.

3. Dogs naturally lower stress levels.

Dogs can help to lower the levels of stress hormones in the body. Looking at or petting dogs can take our minds off what is currently stressing us out. Even two minutes is enough to help lower the stress hormones in our brains and helps to lower our blood pressure levels too. This helps to provide relief and make us feel healthier.

4. Dogs make us take breaks.

Even though most businesses and companies in the USA provide for breaks, many employees often work through lunch and other breaks. Breaks are meant to help us to feel less stressed, but often we skip them. But when there is a dog around the office, they often demand attention. We must set aside our work to give dog pets, cuddles, and scratches.

5. Workers are more productive.

When you have stressed-out workers, they don’t work at their best level. But when workers are happy, they’ll also be more productive and accurate in their work. Having dogs around will help to make them feel happy, calm, and energized. Dogs can even sense stress and anxiety in people and will head to these people first to help make them feel better.

If your workplace hasn’t already transitioned to being dog-friendly, you may wish to consider every Friday, just to see how it works out. Generally, most offices and retail establishments can easily become dog-friendly. Obviously, healthcare and production facilities may have restrictions, but it’s worth discussing if there can be a dog-friendly area in the business.

But once you see how happy everyone is, and how workers really enjoy going to work on dog-friendly days, you may wish to consider 100% of the week, dog-friendly workplace too!

Featured image from Pexels