Surprisingly Popular Cat Names for 2019

Surprised Cat

Most pet lovers remember the names of their friends’ cats, but perhaps not their spouses’ or children’s names, but they have their priorities in purrfect order. These names may include Fluffy, Pumpkin, Bella, and Poppy. But you’d be surprised to learn that many of these same popular cats’ names are also the same as the most popular dogs’ names too!

Historical Cat Names

The first recorded cat name was Nedjem, Egyptian for “Sweetie”. There were also the famous cat goddesses, Bastet and Sekhmet. In the 80s, cat-sounding names were most popular. These include Fluffy, Kitty, Kitten, Tiger, and Smokey. But now we’ve reached the 21st century, cat names are often similar to human names.

Top Cat Names of 2019

According to the Cat Fanciers Association, these are the most popular boy and girl cat names of the past year.

Bella is the most popular, a variation of the name Isabel, which is one of the most popular baby girl names. Some believe the popularity of this name is due to meaning “beautiful” in Italian, or perhaps for that popular Twilight film series. It’s also easy to say. Luna is also nice to say, and is a Spanish word for “moon”.

For boy cats, Oliver is still one of the most popular names for several years. It’s also the number three baby name. Simba is a popular name from the Lion King, and since there’s a new film out, there will be more cats with this name over the coming months.

Short But Sweet Names

You don’t hear many cats named Elizabeth or Victoria, as they take a long time to say. Short but sweet names are popular this year. Lucy, Lily, Sophie, and Nala are all easy to say. Nala is based on that popular cat celebrity we all think is purrfect.

Traditional Boy Cat Names

Charlie used to be the most popular baby boy name back in the late 19th century. It lost its popularity in the past decade, but now is making a resurgence for cats’ names. It’s also a more cheerful name than Charles. Jack is also a name that we don’t hear too often for baby names today, but most of us know a few cats named Jack.

Non-Human Names

Many grey cats are named Smokey. White cats may be named Marshmallow. Longhaired cats may be named Fluffy. For black and white cats, Oreo may be the perfect name. Does your cat make biscuits when they’re kneading? Biscuit may be the purrfect name for them.

Pop Culture Names

Loki is our favorite villain to love from comic books and Norse mythology. Naturally, all kittens are adventurous and naughty and would suit this name. Oskar or Oscar may be suitable for your male cat. Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh, is still a popular name, and most suitable for an orange/red cat. Black cats may be called Shadow, or Salem, for that popular Sabrina TV series.

It can be difficult to name your new kitten or adopted cat when there are endless possibilities for cat names. You may want to spend a few days getting to know your new furry friend first, before finally settling on the purrfect name for them.