Popular Medium-Sized Dog Breeds

Bulldog Puppy

You may know about the best small or large dog breeds, but what if you’re planning on adopting a medium-sized dog? There are many choices available to you.

1. Bulldog.

This dog breed has an adorable flattened snout. They also have happy lively personalities and are loyal to their owners. This type of dog is good if you have children, as you can trust them to be gentle and friendly. They enjoy getting a lot of attention and are one dog breed that captures all the notice from strangers on the street or in the park. This breed can be prone to gaining weight, so they need as much exercise as a larger dog.

2. Poodle.

This type of dog is commonly known for its fabulous hairdos and accessories. This breed was originally created as retrieving water dogs many hundreds of years ago. Their fluffy coats help to keep them warm in cold climates. This breed is smart but needs plenty of exercises. They like to please their humans. They do need to be thoroughly trained so they don’t get bored, and they need to be socialized when they’re pups.

3. Basset Hound.

This is a popular dog breed that was originally bred in Belgium and France regions. They were originally used as hunting dogs to find prey. They can be a bit stubborn during training, but have charming personalities. This type of dog is easy-going and is suitable if you have babies or children in the family. They are patient and gentle, even when their tails and ears are tugged. This type of dog needs moderate levels of exercise and attention. Weekly grooming is recommended.

4. Samoyed.

This dog has a fluffy long coat and a happy expression on its face. They are nicknamed “Sammies”. They were originally bred to be working sled dogs. They enjoy being around people, and work well with a family. But it’s important to give them plenty of exercise and attention, otherwise, they can destroy your yard or living room. They can be demanding dogs, so they do need to have a job to do. Their coats are more fur-like, so they shed as much as a fluffy Persian cat. They’ll need to be brushed at least once per day.

5. Siberian Husky.

This dog breed was also originally bred to work in packs in the cold north and to help pull sleds. If you have other dogs in your family, a Siberian Husky should fit in well. They do need to have a ton of exercise though. This dog isn’t meant to lie around at home all day while you’re working. This dog is trusting of most people, even strangers. They’re a good choice if you have younger children. Their coat needs minimal maintenance so you can spend more time with them outside.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether you have a small-, medium-, or large-sized dog, they all need plenty of attention and exercise. If you’re working full-time, please hire a professional dog walker through our Barxie app.