Pet Services Slow? Consider This Opportunity!

Pet Services Slow? Consider This Opportunity!

If you run an independent pet care business or even signed up for Yelp, Thumbtack or even Barxie and are finding that times are slow due to our current COVID-19 outbreak, don’t despair. This is a great time to work on your pet care business.

Work On Your Barxie Profile or Sign up Today!

Have you completely filled out your Barxie pet care pro profile? Now is a good time to review it, proofread for any errors, and make it more personalized. Consider what would attract you to a dog walker, pet sitter, pet groomer or dog trainer if you were seeking one.

Go through and update your service descriptions and pricing. Now that you have the experience, you may consider adding more services. Perhaps you’re willing to walk dogs for people who are under quarantine. You’ll need to set out new policies to avoid getting sick. For example, you can call ahead and their dog can be waiting on the leash, on the porch or front yard. You provide doggie disposal bags and treats.

Pet sitters may seek more opportunities for looking after pets when their humans are sick and unable to care for themself or you can consider providing services to healthcare workers and first responders.

This is also a great time to review your cancelation policies. Most companies are offering no-penalty cancelations, particularly if someone is sick. It’s far better to offer no penalties than it is to be exposed to someone who is sick, and then get sick.

Do you hand out brochures or business cards? It can be hard to do so during these times as most people probably don’t want to accept anything that can pass the virus along. But you can still work on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. You can also buy paid ads for these venues. Working on your own website or blog can also draw new pet owners your way.

Pet Care Businesses with Employees

Has your business expanded and now you have employees? It can be hard during these times to be responsible for not only finding yourself work but also for them. But this is a great time to review your employee handbook or to create one if you don’t already have one. Ask for suggestions on what it should include.

Does everyone have Pet First Aid/CPR? There are online courses that everyone can take to update their skills. Fear Free Pets is another great program that many pet owners will check for before hiring pet sitters, dog walkers, and dog groomers. This program makes care simpler and less stressful for dogs and cats. Your staff can even learn more about how to train pets or to teach them to do tricks.

Take Care of Yourself

Not every minute of your day needs to be spent doing something worthwhile. It’s okay to take a break. Take some downtime and work on other types of projects around the home. Fix those annoying little things that never seem to get done, paint the bathroom, build a cat shelf, bake some dog treats, or simply sit down and watch some great pet documentaries on TV.

Even better, spend some extra time with your dogs, cats, and other little critters!