Is Pet Sitting or Boarding My Pet Better?

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There are many times when we can bring our pets with us on vacation, but sometimes it’s best to leave them home if a long flight is required. And ideally, a pet should never be placed on an airplane. Not only does it make them extremely frightened from the loud engine sounds, but there can be a lack of oxygen for them in the cargo hold. There have even been cases where pets have died on flights. So, in order to prevent heartbreak, should you hire a pet sitter, or should you find a good dog boarding facility through Barxie?

It really depends on you, your pet(s), and the length of time you’re away.

Most pets would prefer to stay at home, particularly cats. They don’t understand when we put them into pet taxis. This may be triggery for your pet – after all, the last time they went in a carrier they were likely abandoned by their former owners. If we can save our pets from similar emotions, then a professional pet sitter is the answer.

But if you have an adventure cat or dog who loves going on trips, a pet boarding facility may be best. This can more affordable than hiring a pet sitter to drive to your home (most charge gas mileage), for two or three times a day. A boarding facility may offer discounted rates the longer your pet stays, or if you have multiple pets. They should also allow you to keep all your pets together.

Is your dog over the age of 8 and your cat over 10? If so, they probably need some extra care, and hiring a pet sitter may be the best option. They’ll have all the comforts of home they need – such as a heated blanket with timer, medicine, and a sunny spot to lay in every morning.

If you’re only going away for 1-4 days, a pet sitter may be the easiest option to have your pets cared for. But if you’re going away for an extended length of time, a boarding facility may be the answer and can save you some money.

Just as you plan your trip in advance, you should also plan for your pets too. Give yourself plenty of time to find a good pet sitter or a good pet boarding facility.

If you decide to hire a pet sitter, have them visit your home first. Watch how your pets react around the potential sitter. Do they like him/her? Or, do they act afraid? If it doesn’t work out, move onto the next sitter on the list.

If you decide to drop your pets off at a pet boarding facility, ask if you can bring your pets there for a quick visit first. Your pets can sniff around and check it out. Then on your actual travel day, your pets won’t be as frightened.

Don’t be surprised if your pets have more fun while you’re away than you do on your trip!