How to Successfully Bathe Your Dog Outside

Bathing your dog

Summer activities are ahead and what better way to have fun than to bathe your dog at the same time. But you don’t want to just spray your dog with ice cold water. You want your puppy or adult dog to have a fun and enjoyable experience, helping you to avoid indoor messes while the weather is nice.

Here are a few ways to make outdoor bathing a pleasant experience for you and your beloved pet.

Preparing Yourself

Giving a dog a bath can be a messy experience. This is not the time to wear your expensive leather shoes or fancy clothes. Put on a t-shirt and old pants and start setting up the bathing area.

Setting Up the Bath

A small child’s wading pool can help make the chore more pleasant and will avoid flooding your garden with water. Fill the pool with water several hours earlier to allow it to heat up. If you have a small dog, you only need a few inches of water. If you have a larger dog, you may wish to fill the pool with several inches of water.

Be sure to have brushes and combs ready, a towel, and dog-safe shampoo. If your dog tolerates a hair dryer, have one ready on the patio, away from the water source.

Use a Leash & Harness

If you have an easily excitable dog, you’ll want to put their leash and harness on, and attach it to a sturdy post or fence. This will keep your dog in place so you can wash them more easily. It also helps to have a family member assist you. Teaching children at an early age to care for pets can be one of the best skills they’ll ever learn.

Set Up the Hose

If your dog loves being sprayed with the hose, you can use it near the end to rinse the soap out of their coat. Be sure to turn it onto a lower pressure. If you have a spray nozzle, that would help you to control the water flow much better. But if your dog hates being sprayed with a hose, then you can pour a small bucket of warm water over them at the end of the bath.

Get Ready!

After your dog is completely soaked, their instinct is to shake the water off. Move to the front of their head and gently hold it. They’ll shake their head, then their entire body to get the water off. This should help you to avoid most of those water sprinkles.

Quickly grab the pet shampoo and start sudsing up your dog. You can use a cloth or sponge for delicate regions of their body.

Drying Off

Once your dog has been rinsed free of the suds, allow them to hop out of the pool. Let them have a good shake, then use the towel to dry them off. Use the hair dryer to help speed the drying process, then walk them in the warm sunshine to dry up the remaining dampness.

If it’s not quite nice enough out for you to bathe your dog outdoors, or your dog won’t cooperate, you can find a qualified pet grooming professional on our Simply Puppy marketplace who will actually drive to your home.