How to Safely Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Trimming Dog Nails

Trimming your dog’s nails not only keeps them from getting ingrown nails, but also protects your family from scratches, and your furniture and rugs too. Just like with cats, no pet owner ever wants to trim their dog’s nails, but it’s a necessary part of their personal care. Your dog will greatly appreciate when you learn how to trim their nails safely and competently.

Choose Proper Tools

Never use human nail clippers on a pet. Buy special nail clippers for a dog. You may also need a nail file which can be found at any pet supply store. Regular size nail clippers are fine for most dogs, but if you have a larger breed of dog then you can purchase specific clippers for them.

If you’ve been using the same tools for the past few years then it may be time to toss them out and buy new ones. They do dull over time, which can catch on the nails and cause your dog discomfort.

Good Lighting & Control

Be sure to trim your dogs in a well-lit room. Place your dog on the couch or bed, but never a table. Wear your glasses. You want to know exactly where you are trimming. You may have to move around or shift your dog around. If the angle is awkward then don’t trim until you feel comfortable.

Trim only the white part of the nail and not the pink part which is quick. If you’re uncertain, place the clippers where you want to clip and only exert light pressure. If your dog flinches, remove the clippers and move them further down the end of the nail.

Use Proper Technique

When using the clippers you want to carefully squeeze the scissor clippers together. This will easily shear off the ends of the nail. Then use the dog nail file to soften any rough edges left behind. This will also help keep them from getting stuck in your couch or your carpet.

Some dogs have dark or black nails which makes trimming a bit more difficult. You want to avoid trimming the inner part of the nail, also known as the quick. Only trim the hook part. Also, remember to trim your dog’s dew claws too. Often these get overlooked as they’re hard to see.

If you’ve allowed your dog’s nails to grow super-long, don’t try to clip it all off at once. No matter what types of nails your dog has, simply trim a small part at a time. You’ll also want to trim parallel to your dog’s paw pad, rather than at an angle.

Your dog should enjoy a pleasant and fun experience when having their nails trimmed. Remember that if you appear like you don’t know what you’re doing, your dog will pick up on your anxiety too. You will build up your confidence each time you safely trim your dog’s nails. But if you find you really don’t want to trim your dog’s nails then please search for a good dog groomer on Simply Puppy.