How to Ring in the New Year with Your Pet

2019 New Year

A brand new year is exciting for dog and cat owners. This means another year you can spend with your beloved pets. Many people who have made new year’s resolutions for 2019 may also wish to include their pets. Here are a few ways to ring in the new year with your pet.

1. Book a check-up.

Time can get away from you when your pet is happy and healthy. But when was the last time your pet had vaccines, teeth cleaning, or a blood panel done? If you can’t remember, it may be time to book an appointment now, to avoid that January rush. It also helps to know that your pet may be susceptible to certain illnesses, and what better way to improve their health than in 2019.

2. Book grooming appointments.

If you want to be assured that your dog looks their best throughout the year, go ahead and get those winter to spring grooming appointments booked now on Simple Puppy. The groomer will be happy to book in advance. Now you won’t have to worry about your pet suddenly looking unsightly for a big event because you forgot to book them a date at the groomer’s business.

3. Do a menu review.

What types of foods are you feeding your pet? Often grocery store brands of pet food are full of grains that your pet doesn’t need and that can lead to canine or feline diabetes. Carefully read the labels and consider switching them to healthier brands of wet and dry food. Do it gradually, to give their digestive systems a chance to adjust.

4. Wash pet beds & toys.

Is your dog or cat avoiding their bed or blanket? It could be that it’s getting stinky and needs to be washed. Even pets like their things reasonably clean. Remove and wash all fabrics and bedding, and wash floors with vinegar and water. Dig those cat toys out from under the couch. If you haven’t already gifted your pets at Christmas, it may be time to replace old worn out pet belongings with brand new items.

5. Spend more time with pets.

Did you know that the more time you spend with your pet, the fewer chances that they’re going to start misbehaving and chewing up things they shouldn’t? Pets can be like little children and they’ll try to tell you in their own way that you haven’t been spending enough time with them. Do you really need to sign up for that night class or volunteer your time? You have a family, so in the new year, you should spend more time with them. Pets will appreciate how you have more time for playing, grooming, and even cuddling.

If you’ve been overwhelmed with activities this December then you still have time to clear your schedule for January. Make your family a priority in the new year. Nothing will make you happier than spending time cuddling and playing with your loved ones!

Featured image from Unsplash