How to Have a Summer Birthday Party for Your Dog!

Dog birthday party

Your family has birthday parties so don’t let your dog feel left out. Hosting a birthday party for a dog (or a cat) is becoming popular. Even if your dog’s birthday isn’t in the summer, or you don’t know which day it is, you can assign a special day in July or August to have a doggie celebration.

Send Out Invitations

Have the kids draw up some fun and amazing invitations. If there’s the one you favor, have it color photocopied at the local print shop. Send all the cards out in the mail. If you’ve ever had trouble getting RSVPs for a human birthday, you won’t for a doggie birthday! Don’t forget to invite your dog walker or pet sitter that you met through Simple Puppy. They’d appreciate spending fun time with their fur-iends too.

Designate a Charity for Gifts

Instead of people bringing gifts for your already spoilt dog, have them donate to your favorite local pet or animal charity instead. You can even hand out a postcard before guests leave the party to remind them to do so. There are fundraiser options on most popular social media sites to help make the process simpler.

Plan the Party Food

Most bakeries would be happy to create an amazing cake for your dog’s birthday celebration. The cake can be in the shape of a dog or can have a dog decorated on top of it. If you order a plain vanilla cake then your dog can even have a small piece. (Remember that chocolate is poisonous to dogs.) Or, have two cakes: one small cupcake for your dog, one big cake for the guests. Keep the rest of the food and snacks dog-safe. That means no garlic, no onions, no chocolate, no grapes, and anything else that could be toxic to your pets.

Birthday Activities

A party isn’t complete without birthday activities. Even dogs love a pool filled with plastic balls. Don’t fill it with water though. This is simply to hop in and kick around the balls. Make sure the balls are large so your dog can’t swallow them. You may even want to hide some of them around the yard for your dog to find. Each time they find one, give them a treat. Other activities can involve tossing a soft toy at them. Each time they grab it out of the air they can earn a treat. Setting up a photo booth is also fun. Add an assortment of accessories for you and your guests to wear. Have a designated photographer who can snap photos of your dog with the guests.

Have Fun!

If your dog isn’t being too cooperative, don’t worry. The key to having a great party is to relax and enjoy. Be sure to keep the camera or device handy so you can snap some great photos to share online. You’ll have so much fun that you’ll want to plan a party for the cat next!

Featured image from Unsplash