How to Have a Safe But Happy Valentine’s Day with Your Pet

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is ahead and so are trips to the vet. Many pet owners still aren’t aware that they should never give any type of chocolate to their dogs, cats, or other types of pets. Chocolate contains various chemicals which make humans feel good – including caffeine and theobromine – but that are toxic to our beloved pets. There’s also no reason to give your pets candy or baked goods, no matter how much they beg.

But don’t worry, you can still celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dogs and cats!

Keep Pets Safe on Valentine’s Day

Chocolate is an ingredient in many types of foods. Before giving your dog or cat that piece of cake, donut, cookie, or candy, read the ingredients label, or even better, buy them their own special dog or cat treats. And never leave a box of chocolates unattended on the coffee table. Curious paws or teeth will figure out how to get the plastic wrap and lid torn off and before you know it you could have an emergency situation.

Also be sure to toss any wrapping paper and ribbons or bows in the trash. Keep fresh flowers out of the reach of pets. If you’re having a party at your house, be sure your pets don’t try to run out when no one is watching.

Drinks can also be dangerous for pets, particularly coffee or black tea as they contain caffeine. Alcohol is also bad for pets so if your pet shows interest in your drink, simply tell them a firm no, or place a coaster on top of your drink to stop them from sipping.

Choose Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Pet

You can head to your local pet supplies store and find a great gift for your pet. They’d love a soft new pet bed or perhaps some homemade natural treats. Many shops sell dog treats in the shapes of doggy cookies or donuts.

Your cat would love some catnip or all-natural chicken treats. Have a look through your cat’s collection of toys. Toss out any that are falling apart or are stained, and buy them a package of fun and new toys. Cats love mousies, balls, feathers, and crinkle toys.

What Pets Really Want on This Special Day

Try not to stress too much over what to buy your pet on Valentine’s Day. Pets really have no idea that this day is different than any other. What your pet really wants is your love and attention. If you can dedicate an extra hour or three to them on this special day then that will make them truly happy. Instead of watching TV at night, book a playdate with your pet. Take your dog out for a walk around the park, or spend time tossing your cat’s toys around the room.

There’s no need to stress over Valentine’s Day when all your pets really want is to spend time with you!