How to Get a Reputable Dog Groomer School Certification

Dog Grooming

If you love caring for dogs, a dog groomer certification may be right for you. While licenses aren’t required in the state of Florida, if you’re truly serious about owning a dog grooming business then you should gain certification to impress your clients. Not only do you want to appear professional and qualified, but you can also charge higher fees for professional services. Seeing that a dog groomer has gone one step beyond your average groomer will set you apart, and earn you a top-ranking spot on a pet site, such as Barxie.

But before you seek your certification, it’s also important to be careful which dog grooming school you choose.

Types of Certification

You’ll not only want to find training from instructors who are also certified master groomers but ones who have sought certification from one of the top groups listed below. Once you have completed the program and have successfully completed practical and written tests, you’ll earn your professional dog groomer certification.

International Professional Groomers, Inc. (IPG)
International Society of Canine Cosmetologists
National Dog Groomers Association of America

What Else Do I Need to Check?

You’ll want to ensure that all your course instructors have at least one certification in the above listed associations. And find out how long they’ve been a dog groomer before teaching. You’ll also want hands-on experience with dogs so that you can improve your grooming skills. For example, five dogs a day will provide you with the training you need. You’ll also want to check and see if there is an option to apprentice with a professional dog groomer so that you can gain experience for your resume.

What Should I Avoid?

There are some red flags that you want to avoid when you are searching for the best dog grooming school. For instance, you don’t want to do your training at someone’s home who doesn’t have their own certifications. It’s also important to tour the facilities. Pretend you’re a dog. Do you find the facility to be calm and relaxing? If it’s noisy, with bright lights and stressed out groomers and barking dogs, chances are dogs aren’t going to like it either.

What Else Can a Dog Grooming School Offer Me?

Besides your certification and dog grooming experience, you’ll learn about many different aspects of dog grooming. You’ll learn to handle different types of dog breeds, and how to make each type of breed look their best. You’ll learn how grooming enhances their health and can make them happier.

While a dog grooming program can take a serious time commitment of up to 480 hours over 16 weeks, you may be able to find a fast track program in your city. Some programs are part-time, while others are full-time.

Once you have achieved your dog groomer certification you’ll be able to proudly display it in your business, whether it’s at home, an office, clinic, or your own dog grooming mobile van.