How to Clean a Dog’s Dirty Rear End?

Dog rear end

Just like you have to clean a baby’s bottom, sometimes your dog’s backside needs cleaning too. As unsightly and unpleasant as it looks, your only solution is to quickly clean it. But many dog owners are uncertain how to do it. It can be even worse if your dog has long hair, as the poop can become matted in with the fur, making it even more difficult to remove.

Many people try to use dog wipes, but find that they just don’t do the job. The key to keeping their butts clean is to do it as quickly and simply as possible. For this reason, snipping the fur or hair off of their backsides is often the simplest route.

All you need are scissors and a small pin brush or comb. If you find that hygiene is a major concern, then you may wish to buy a set of power clippers too. Choose scissors that have rounded tips so that they won’t stab your pet.

Dog grooming tools
Dog grooming tools

Set an old but clean blanket down on the couch, floor, or bed. Have another family member keep your dog occupied, but to also hold them gently to keep them from moving. If your dog is a small breed, they can hold the dog in their arms, with the dog’s rear end exposed for your grooming.

If your dog has a long tail, you’ll need to gently hold it off to the opposite side you are grooming. Don’t try to do it all at once. Take small steps. Trim one side, then do the other.

Using the scissors, snip off the clumped bits. Gently use your brush or comb to loosen up any mats. You may wish to place your fingers as close to the skin as possible, holding the fur, so that when you use your scissors you won’t accidentally cut their skin. Remember to keep the scissors parallel to their skin.

One of the ways to prevent a mess of hair in the future is to pre-trim their hair or fur in their bottom regions. You can use electric clippers for this purpose. Since the hair or fur around their bottoms will now be trimmed short, there will be fewer chances that there will be any clumps after a dog walk.

Once your dog’s backside looks clean and fresh, you may wish to grab one of those doggy wipes to do one final pass.

Remember to fully wash the dog grooming tools when you’re done, as well as your own hands.

Nothing is better than getting out of the shower in the morning and the same goes for your dog. When your pet is freshly cleaned you’ll feel eager to give them a big hug. They’ll also appreciate it when you’ve cleaned their bottoms in a pain-free and gentle manner. It also eases your mind when you have other pets and small children around. Don’t forget to book a regular grooming appointment with a pet groomer on the Simply Puppy pet care marketplace too!