How to Care for Longhaired Pets

Cute Shih Tzu - Long Haired dog

Did that cute little puppy or kitten capture your heart at the pet rescue center? Adopting a longhaired pet may have seemed like a good idea, until the first time you have to groom their long hair or fur. Sometimes the pet is cooperative, but other times biting, scratching, and howling can be involved. Pet care for longhaired pets is a challenge for even the most patient pet parent.

Start Early

It’s never too early to get your new adoptee used to being bathed. But don’t immerse a young puppy or kitten into the water just yet. Use a damp washcloth and a pet-safe dry shampoo. There are even pet wipes you can use to clean their bottoms. The sooner they get used to being handled, the sooner they’ll adapt and it won’t be a big deal the next time around. Once they are over 3 months old, they are ready for a full bath.

Buy Only Pet-Safe Products

It can be tempting to use human body care products on your pet to save money. But these products often contain toxins to dogs and cats. It’s not worth the vet bills just because you wanted to save $2. You can find these pet-safe products at your local pet supply store. While you can shop online, you can ask questions at the store and carefully read the ingredients and product instructions first. Some stores even allow you to return products that don’t work as expected, as long as you have kept the receipt.

Buy Pertinent Pet Brushes

You wouldn’t use the same brushes on dogs and cats. The same goes to whether they have long or short fur, or if they’re a dog if they have hair or fur. Ask for advice from a pet care professional on which is best to use. If you have several pets, it can’t hurt to write their names on the top of the brushes so you know which brush is for each pet.

Pet-Safe Scissors or Clippers

Sometimes you just have to cut or trim away the excess fur. If pets have been rolling around in the dirt, or worse, you’ll want to quickly get rid of the mats. Buy pet-safe scissors with rounded tips, or electric clippers to trim the hair down. Only use them in a well-lit area. You might need another family member to help hold the pet down.

Find a Pet Care Professional

There may be times when you get frustrated or you simply don’t have time to care for your pet’s long hair. You can hire a pet groomer on Simple Puppy to help groom your pet. Many of the pet groomers can even come to your home so you don’t have to stress your pet by getting them into the carrier or car.

Whether you decide to do grooming care for your pet yourself, or you decide to hire a Simple Puppy pet care professional, your dog or cat will be happier and healthier when their coats are kept clean and tidy.

Featured image from Pexels