How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Dog bath frequency

Dogs don’t have the same concerns about hygiene that we do. They can frolic around all day, getting covered in mud, leaves, and other things we don’t even want to think about. Many pet owners may wonder how often they should be bathing their dog, particularly if their dog always stays clean. Every 2-4 week is a general guideline.

When It’s Visible

If your dog rolls around in the muck then you’ll need to wash them as soon as you get home. But you may want to bathe them even if they’ve been rolling around in dry sand or dirt, as they could still contain harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Should they chew on their feet, these can be transferred to their digestive tracts.

When They Stink

Giving your dog a bath when they stink sounds like a fairly simple guideline, however, a pet owner’s nose may not always detect it. Have you ever had a friend give your dog some attention, but then they grimace? That’s because your nose becomes accustomed to your dog’s smell. If someone else is telling you that it’s time for a doggy bath, you may want to listen.

Type of Fur/Hair, Skin & Breed

Some dogs with extremely short hair won’t need to be bathed as often as that dog with extremely long fur. If your dog has a thick undercoat, it will take more time to look after, and you’ll need to bathe them more frequently. Dogs who have sensitive skin or paw pads will also need to be bathed more frequently to have the irritants removed.

Daily Maintenance

If you’re single, you may be able to wash your dog more frequently to make them smell good and look their best. But if you have a big family, obviously you’re not going to get to it as often. Try not to feel too guilty about it, after all, everyone does get busy.

But if you really want to save some time, spent about five or ten minutes a day on daily maintenance. One of the best ways to do this is with a good dog brush. Regular brushing keeps your dog’s hair and undercoat from matting up. It also helps to distribute natural oils throughout their fur. Your dog will still look healthy and well-groomed with daily brushing. Brushing also serves the purpose of keeping the shedding down and also allows you to spend quality time with your beloved pet.

You can also give your dog a quick bath with doggy wipes or even dry doggy shampoo. You simply apply it, then use a clean cloth to wipe them down. Now your dog is ready for some relaxing time on the couch.

In the end, it’s really up to you as to how often you should bathe your dog. If you simply can’t find the time, you can find pet groomers on Simple Puppy. Sometimes paying a professional groomer is easier. Then all you have to do is focus on having quality time with your dog.