How Do I Find Pet-Friendly Summer Events?

Dog with Sunglasses

Have you ever gone to great lengths to find a pet sitter for your dog, then discovered that you could have brought your dog to the festival after all? Summer is ahead so this is a good time to do your research to find pet-friendly summer events.

Visit Social Media Event Pages

Most local festivals will have a small Facebook event page or website set up with event details. If an event won’t allow pets, it should be stated clearly in the fine print. If they do allow pets, then often they will highlight this fact. Some events may also allow dogs in certain regions. For example, pets would never be allowed in the food or drink zones, but would likely be fine in the marketplace or parks.

Find Contact Info

If you can’t figure out if you can bring your dog to an outdoor market or to a holiday festival, search for contact information for the event. Make a telephone call or send a message with your question. It may be a question that hasn’t come up before, particularly if it’s the first year the event is running. It may be something that was simply overlooked. If they added in the information, it could lead to higher attendance if people can bring their dogs to the event.

Hop in the Car

It may seem silly to drive somewhere, only to walk your dog, but there could be some great events near you. Instead of tiring your dog by walking miles to get there, don’t be afraid to make it a family event and drive to a special destination. A road trip is also exciting for your dog. If your dog is a recent adoption then you can quickly get your dog used to trips in the car by bringing them with you on the weekend. But don’t forget to pack plenty of water and a bowl, so that they can stay hydrated. Also, never leave your dog in a vehicle. If there are portions of the event that aren’t dog-friendly, then simply leave your dog at home.

Create Your Own Dog-Friendly Event

If you’re finding that your city is lacking in dog-friendly events then set up your own. Use local social media pages where people can post small event meetups. Check first to ensure that dogs are allowed in that area. It can be something as simple as a walk around a dog-friendly park, or a picnic where both owners and pets are welcome. Some cities even have cat events where you can bring your cat to the local park to meet others.

At first, it may seem like there is nothing for you and your dog to do together, but once you begin your search, you’ll discover many options. You can even share these with a dog walker that you’ve found on Simple Puppy so that your dog is kept active and busy, even when you’re at work or on vacation.

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