Fun Activities for Dog Birthday Parties

Dog Birthday Party

Now that cats can have their own birthday parties it’s time for dog owners to get in on the fun too. If you’ve always wanted to hold a birthday party for your dog, now is the time to get started. It’s doesn’t matter if you’re a child or an adult, your guests will jump at the chance to RSVP to your special dog birthday party.

There are plenty of dog activities to enjoy during a dog birthday party. Here are a few to help you get started on planning your dog’s special day right now.

1. Obstacle Course.

Dogs love activity so plan a fun obstacle course for them. If you’re inviting other dogs, have a variety of obstacles for both small and large dogs. Some fun obstacles can include a pop-tunnel (borrow it from your cat), and hula hoops. Also, set up some objects that dogs can jump over. A rolled up towel or blanket is soft and safe for them in case their short legs don’t make it.

2. Dog Limbo.

Dog activities can be similar to games for humans. In dog limbo, the dogs walk under the limbo stick. Play the music and let the dogs walk around it without knocking it down. For each round, lower the limbo stick an inch or two. The last dog to successfully walk around the stick is the one that wins the big doggy prize. The prize can be a special toy.

3. Doggy Says.

Have all the dogs line up on the mat. Have one person act as master and give the dogs one basic command each round, such as “sit”, “lie down,” “roll over”, or “shake a paw”. The dogs who don’t obey are disqualified. The one remaining dog at the end is the champ and wins the big prize.

4. Magic Show.

See if you can trick your dog. Start with a small object and hide it in one of your two hands. Hold both up to your dog to see if they can figure out which hand contains the object. Progress onto treats to see if your dog can figure it out. If there are other dogs at the party, also offer them the opportunity to find the hidden objects. You may even wish to hide some treats around your house or yard to see if the dogs manage to sniff them out.

5. Birthday Cake & Treats.

Have a selection of dog treats and human treats for your dog birthday party. Make your dog their own special cake, as human cake isn’t healthy for them. You can even carefully empty a can of wet dog food and place a candle on top. If you’re having prizes for the games, ensure that each dog receives a small doggy treat.

There are plenty of dog activities to plan for your dog’s birthday party. Set up your schedule in advance so your dog enjoys plenty of doggy fun on their special day.

Featured image from Pixabay