Dog Sizes: Small, Medium or Large. Which One Is Right for You?


Dogs come in a wide range of sizes but you want to take time and care before adopting the right puppy or adult dog for you. While it’s understandable that a Great Dane won’t fit into a small apartment, it can’t be assumed that the Min Pin will be right for you either. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right dog size for you and your family.

Best Dog Sizes

Before figuring out how to choose the right dog, consider the purpose of having a dog. Chances are you’d like your dog to provide some protection and security to your family. Do you want a dog who is super active and likes to spend plenty of time outdoors? Perhaps you’d like a small lap dog who’ll hang out with you when you watch TV. Smaller dogs may not be suitable when you have rambunctious kids who may step on their delicate legs or tails. If you have a lot of heirlooms or breakables on shelves in your home then a larger dog with a big wagging tail may not be the best choice either.

Maintenance Levels

When you are figuring out how to choose the right dog, consider maintenance needs. It can take more time to bathe a larger dog. Do they have fur that sheds a lot, or do they have hair that will need constant trimming? A small dog is going to shed less and need fewer trips to the groomer, while a larger dog will. If you think you have the time for a larger pet then go ahead and adopt the dog that catches your eye first.

Types of Breeds

One easier aspect of figuring out what dog size is best for you has to do with dog breeds and dog sizes. If you’re already familiar with a certain type of dog breed then you can easily make a choice. Dog breeds can also have more specific personality characteristics. A Min Pin can be nervous and extremely loud, whereas a Saint Bernard may be bigger, but it’ll be quieter and more loyal. There are also mixed breed dogs that assume the best of both parents. They also have fewer health problems and can be better-natured.

What Dog Size Is Best for You?

You can’t assume that the small dog sizes will be quieter and easier to care for, or that the large dog will be noisier or need extra care. Perhaps you’ll want to choose a medium-sized dog that offers the best of all types of dogs. Do your research first to figure out if a puppy or an adult dog is right for you. Will you buy from a licensed and reputable puppy breeder or from the local animal shelter?

It’s up to you to do your research and decide what dog size is best for you. Soon your new best friend will be settling into their new home!

Featured image from Unsplash