Best Puppy Training Tips

Curious Puppy

It’s a fun and exciting time bringing home your new pup – until they’re naughty! Then you’re left wondering if it’s something you did wrong, or if they need to be trained. Puppies need more training than kittens do. The mother cat teaches her kittens everything they need to know, including how to use a litter box. But for a puppy, they may not understand that the rug is not grass.

You’ll be happy to know that you can train your puppy at home, though it helps to also book a professional dog trainer to provide the knowledge they need to grow into happy adult dogs.

Be Respectful & Kind

First, choose a good name for your pup. It’s going to be a name that they’ll respond to for a lifetime. Make their name short so you can say it quickly and clearly. Never hit or berate your dog. Remember to reward good behavior, and redirect or ignore the bad.

Set House Rules

You should already have these in place before you bring your puppy home. Will they be allowed on the couch, chair, and bed? Are the tables and office no-go zones? Will their washroom be in a specific spot in your backyard, or will you provide puppy grass for their convenience? When you bring them home, take them around your home and explain what is allowed and what isn’t. You’d be surprised at how much our beloved pets really understand. Enforce house rules by giving a treat when they obey.

Create a Safe Zone

Just like cats need their own kitty bed and scratching post, a puppy should also have a soft bed in a quiet area where they can go when they feel stressed out. This should be a spot away from other pets or young children.

Stop the Jumping

Perhaps one of the most annoying puppy or dog habits is when they jump on people. The best way to stop this behavior is to ignore it. But if they remain on the ground and quiet when meeting someone new, then give them praise. Soon they’ll clue in that they’ll get more attention by being good than by jumping on people.

Tackle the Bites & Nips

These can be tackled the same way as when cats or kittens bite you. Let out a loud “ow” then withdraw. This shows that what they have done hurts and that it’s unacceptable. This will surprise your pup and make him think twice about doing it again. If he’s biting your pant leg or shoes, slip them away and put a dog toy or bone in its place. Soon he’ll learn what is acceptable to bite, and what isn’t.

Give Verbal Praise

You don’t always have to give your puppy a treat to show praise. You can give them verbal praise too. Often just a “good boy/girl” is all that’s needed to show them you care.

If you still need help, please visit the Simple Puppy platform to find a qualified dog or puppy trainer, or training course in your city. Once your pup has reached adulthood you’ll be pleased to have a well-obeying pet that warms your home.

Featured image from Unsplash