Best Dog Parks & Dog Friendly Parks in Miami, FL

Dogs Playing at the Park

Miami has plenty of outdoor spaces to walk your dog, but sometimes your dog wants to race around grassy spaces with wild abandon. There are over 20 dog-friendly parks for you both to enjoy in Miami.

A dog-friendly park is for everyone, but just happens to allow leashed dogs to play. A dog park is focused on allowing dogs to run around without leashes. A dog run park allows dogs to roam freely but doesn’t have the amenities of a regular park.

Here are a few of the best parks for your dog in Miami, FL.

1. Biscayne Shores and Gardens Park.

This park has plenty of green grass and paved paths for you and your dog to walk. This park flows over 6.5 acres of land. Much of it is unspoiled, so don’t expect a lot of concrete or flower beds. Leashed dogs are allowed here.

Address: 11525 NE 14th Ave, Miami, FL 33161

Biscayne Shores and Gardens Park
Biscayne Shores and Gardens Park. Image from Yelp

2. Rockdale Park.

Rockdale Park is a small park where you can enjoy a walk after dinner. Dogs are allowed on the paths and grass as long as they’re leashed. There are also dog waste bags and bins at regular intervals. People are friendly here so you can stop and have a chat.

Address: 9325 SW 146th St, Miami, FL 33176

Rockdale Park
Rockdale Park. Image from TripAdvisor

3. Amelia Earhart Park.

Within the park is also a fenced-in dog park. There is a separate area for smaller dogs, in case your pet doesn’t feel secure around big dogs. Your dog can enjoy the doggie drinking fountains while you relax on the benches.

4. Tropical Park.

Within Tropical Park is the Bark Park. This is a large and grassy dog park. It’s hidden inside the park, so you might have to ask where it is if it’s your first visit. The park is kept quite clean, but also has the usual amenities, such as bags and bins.

5. Lago Mar Park.

If you don’t mind the basics, you and your dog will have fun at this fenced-in dog run. Bring your own bags and water, as there aren’t any amenities. It’s a great place for your dog to socialize, and for you to meet other dog owners too.

6. San Jacinto Park.

There are a few trails in San Jacinto Park that allow dogs, but be sure to do your research in advance. This park offers rugged hiking for you and your pet.

7. Tamiami Park.

There are parts of Tamiami Park that allow dogs. You’ll be able to relax here while your dog has fun. There are many great dog-friendly trails to enjoy, as long as your dog is on the leash.

8. Olympic Park.

Olympic Park is a pet-friendly location. Dogs are allowed everywhere, as long as they’re on the leash.

9. Haulover Park.

This park has two dog parks within the one big park. One enclosure is for small dogs, while a second one is located further away for bigger dogs. There are water fountains for both dogs and humans.

10. East Greynolds Park.

This park has a separate park that allows your dogs to run free. There are also bag dispensers and trash cans within easy reach.

Photo from Pixabay