Adopt the Dog You Want: Top 4 Biggest Dog Breeds

Great Dane Dog

Have you reached the point in your life where you own a large house and need a special companion to keep you from being lonely? If you’ve been pining away your entire life for one of the larger dog breeds, now may be the time. While smaller dog breeds are great, you may be ready for an extra-special furry friend.

Here are 4 of the largest and most popular dog breeds around the world today. Perhaps one of them may be your next companion?

1. English Mastiff

This dog has a light beige coat with a dark black snout. They can reach a height of 27-32 inches tall, and weigh as much as a large human, up to 240 lbs. This dog is at the top of the largest dog list by mass. This type is also one of the oldest types of dogs bred by humans, with a history dating back to 3000 BC when they appeared on Egyptian monuments. They are natural guard dogs, yet quiet, and very smart.

2. Great Dane

Each Great Dane will have their own unique sets of black and white markings. These dogs can reach an average height of 30” but can be as tall as 36”. They can weigh from 110 lbs and up to 200 lbs. This dog has what people call an affectionate and charming personality. Great Danes have also been found in recorded ancient Egyptian history.

3. St. Bernard

The St. Bernard can have a height from 27-36”, and weigh from 141-200 lbs. This dog was known as the nanny dog, as well as being a rescue dog. They were originally bred to rescue people in the Alps. Their feet and paws are designed to travel through deep snow. This type of dog needs plenty of patience and training, as they can be destructive to your furniture. This breed also needs plenty of exercise on a daily basis.

4. Irish Wolfhound

If you’re seeking a larger breed of dog, but one with a fluffier and longer coat to pet, the Irish Wolfhound may suit you. This type of dog has long hair that will need some additional grooming. They grow to a height of 28-35”, and have a wide range of possible weights: from 115 lbs and up to 185 lbs. They were bred in Ireland for hunting and serving in wars. They have a vast speed and will need plenty of running time on a daily basis. This type of dog can take up to two years to get from puppyhood to adulthood.

Since larger dog breeds have less space to run around in at home, you’ll want to ensure they get plenty of exercise on a daily basis. You can find a dog walker, or a doggy daycare through our Barxie site.

If you’ve always wanted a big dog and have space, why not go ahead and adopt one? Soon you’ll discover how much love they have for you!