A Simple Quiz for New Dog Groomers

New Dog Groomers Quiz

Do you want to be a dog groomer and run your own business? If so, take this simple quiz to find out if you qualify.


1. How much experience do you have with dogs?

A. I grew up with dogs as a child and now I have one or more as an adult.
B. I never grew up with dogs and I still don’t have one.


2. Do you enjoy having a career where the routine is different every day?

A. Yes, I find it a challenge when every day is different.
B. No, I want a set routine every minute of the day.


3. Do you feel that dog grooming certification is important?

A. Yes, it sets the professionals apart from the hobbyists.
B. No, anyone should be able to do it.


4. What’s your ideal day off?

A. Spending time with my dog, going for long walks in the dog park.
B. Eating chocolate and reading my book.


5. How do you handle emergencies?

A. I grab the first aid kit and if I need help I ask for it.
B. I sit on the floor and cry.


6. How often should you practice dog grooming?

A. Every day, even when I don’t have paid clients.
B. Why would I need to practice?


7. Why do you want to be a dog groomer?

A. I want to work with dogs all the time.
B. I want to start the easiest business within my scope of experience.


8. What happens if a dog is injured during a grooming visit?

A. Grab the first aid kit and do first aid. Call the vet if required, then notify the owner.
B. Ignore it and let the owner deal with it later.


9. How should you find new dog grooming clients?

A. Ask your current clients to refer you and hand out cards or flyers. Sign up on the Barxie site as a dog groomer.
B. Do nothing. They’ll show up eventually.


10. What is the most important aspect of dog grooming?

A. Giving the dog the most comfortable and happy experience as possible.
B. Rushing through appointments to fit as many dogs as possible.


If you answered mostly “A”s to these questions, then you definitely have what it takes to be a dog groomer. If you haven’t already noticed, most of the “B” answers are for people who don’t have what it takes to be a dog groomer. In these instances, a different career may be best.

Now is the time to begin your training. If you already have the experience, go ahead and set up your profile on the Barxie directory. We have a large dog grooming section where dog owners are seeking professional dog groomers to care for their dogs (and maybe a few cats too!)

Once you begin your dog grooming career you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner! It has a low rate of turnover as people enjoy working with their clients. The pay is decent too!