6 Things That Owners of the Shih Tzu Understand

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a small adorable breed of dog that is popular with dog lovers. Owners of this dog value them for their warm and perky personality. This dog breed is also known for being spoiled. Whether you agree with dressing your dog up in cute outfits or not, there are few things that only the owner of the Shih Tzu truly understands.

1. Patience.

The Shih Tzu (Sheed-zoo according to The American Shih Tzu Club) is perhaps the most mispronounced dog breed out there. The name actually means “lion sun” so it can be a bit frustrating to have people call your dog a “shit zoo” or other variations. It can help to maintain a sense of humor when you adopt this type of dog.

2. Great lap dog.

The Shih Tzu is one of the smaller dog breeds, much like having a cat. This dog makes an even better lappet, and if you get them used to being carried around when they’re pups, you can hold and cuddle them through their adult years. Most Shih Tzus are about 9 to 16 lbs in weight.

3. More grooming time.

This type of dog has high grooming needs. Their coat consists of long and straight hair. Often they need to be groomed daily to prevent mats, with regular groomer visits at least once a month. They’ll need to have the hair trimmed away from their eyes so they can see, and trimmed away from their bottoms to maintain better hygiene. The bonus is that their hair is soft to pet.

Shih Tzu - Demands More Grooming Time
Shih Tzu – Demands More Grooming Time

4. Little dog big bark.

The Shih Tzu may be a small dog but they have a loud bark. These are the types of dogs that need plenty of attention. If they don’t get it, they’ll certainly tell you. It can be a bit more difficult than other breeds to train them to decrease their barking, but especially difficult if you’re not at home and don’t know what they’re up to when you’re gone.

5. High life expectancy.

If you get your Shih Tzu as a pup then you can expect to live together for about 14 or 15 years. These are hardy dogs that usually remain healthy and happy on a high-quality diet and regular exercise.

6. Needs more affection.

This is the type of dog that wants to hang out with you at all hours of the day and night. This is also the perfect breed for those dog-friendly offices and businesses so you can bring your pet to work. Since this type of dog needs more grooming, they’ll appreciate the extra care and attention you must give them. They’ll also love sitting for photos and selfies with you.

The Shih Tzu is a popular dog breed for those who want a smaller pet. If you find you’re too busy, you can find a dog care professional on Simple Puppy to groom and walk your dog when you’re not home.