6 Characteristics That All Boxer Owners Understand

Boxer dog

If you’re the lucky owner of a boxer then you already understand the specific needs of this pet. If you’re not familiar with the breed and hope to learn before adopting a boxer then you’ll be curious to learn what most boxer owners have quickly come to understand when living with one.

1. Susceptibility to weather.

Like many dogs, the boxer loves to run around outside in hot weather. Unfortunately, they can quickly become overheated. You’ll need to ensure that they have a shady spot to recuperate and plenty of water. In the winter, they can also be susceptible to cold temperatures. They can benefit from a doggie coat and being kept indoors after their run.

2. Highly energetic.

This is not a breed of dog you want to adopt, then leave home for 10-12 hours a day, unless you don’t mind the couch getting chewed up or your personal possessions being used as dog toys. They do need a bare minimum of at least 40 minutes a day of outdoor exercise, but more is better.

3. Relatively quiet.

For dogs, they are on the lower end of the scale for barking. Boxers are also a lot easier to train, so if yours does tend to bark, you can quickly train them to only bark when it’s necessary. But if you do hear your boxer barking loudly then it’s time to investigate, as they’re protective of their home and it could be someone trying to break in. Boxers do have a growling sort of talk but that’s normal.

4. They’re playful.

You’ll need to spend plenty of time playing with your boxer. Be certain they have plenty of toys, otherwise, they’ll get into your things, and that may not make you happy when your shoes are chewed up. You’ll want to pay attention and keep an eye on them at all times as they do need companionship.

Playful Boxer dog
Playful Boxer dog

5. Shorter lifespans.

This type of dog breed has a shorter lifespan. For that reason, be sure to spend plenty of time with them now, rather than making excuses that when it’s vacation time or retirement that you promise to spend more time with them. The boxer breed has an average life of about seven years, with a life expectancy of no more than 10 years.

6. Most popular dog breed.

Various dog breeds were crossed to create the boxer in 19th century Germany. They began as working dogs, and around 1940 they become one of the most popular dog breeds in America. This dog breed is often trained for police service and as seeing-eye dogs for the blind. They make good guard dogs and are also loyal family pets. This dog breed is fond of children.

If you have a boxer dog then think about what makes him or her so special to you. Many boxer owners love their dog’s characteristics, but if you find you’re spending too much time at work then you can find a dog care professional on Simple Puppy.