5 Ways Your Dog Can Enjoy Summer Too!

Summer activities for dogs

Summertime means more outdoor activities for your family, but don’t forget the pets! They want to feel they’re part of the family too. The last thing you want is for your dog to chew up your board game, while the cat runs off with your tokens because they feel neglected.

Here are some fun summer activities for you and your pets to enjoy.

1. Fetch. Dogs love to play fetch.

If your cat is watching, they may just join in too! If you have a new pet, start out with a smaller toy. Tossing a large toy at your pet may scare them. If it hits them, they may develop a fear of that toy. Instead, toss a small toy near them, then encourage them to pick it up and bring it back to you. Cats often bat a toy back to their humans, so bring a small ball or mousie so they don’t feel left out.

2. Wading pool.

Just like young kids like to paddle around in a wading pool, your small dogs will love it too. You can buy inexpensive plastic wading pools at this time of year. If you don’t want your kids to share it with the dogs, buy two. Fill it up with water the day before you plan on playing, to allow time for the water to heat up. Place some balls and other floating toys in the wading pool so your dog can splash around and have fun. While your cat won’t jump into the pool, they may wish to watch the water splash and sprinkle around the yard.

3. Hide & Go Seek.

Dogs love this game as much as young kids. Have someone hold the dog while the rest of the family hides in the backyard. Then, release the dog and have them run around to find everyone. If your dog isn’t understanding the game, have each person hold a treat in their hand and call out the dog’s name. Your dog will quickly catch onto the game.

4. Water Games.

This is the perfect activity for a hot summer day. Set up the sprinkler and put your bathing suit on. Then jump into the path of the sprinkler. Your dog will be excited and want to join you. You can even toss a large beach ball around and have your dog bring it back to you.

5. Picnic in the park.

Choose a dog-friendly park or beach. Pack up a delicious meal for your family and be sure to include the same for your pup or dog. Tie a napkin around your dog and let them join you on the blanket. This is one event where begging for food is allowed.

If you’re hiring a pet sitter on Simple Puppy be sure to let them know what types of games and toys your pets love. Keep them within easy reach so that the pet sitter or dog walker can easily find them when they drop by to care for your pets.

Featured image from Pexels