5 Steps to Finding the Ideal Dog Sitter with Simple Puppy

Dog in Bed

Do you want a good dog sitter or do you want a fantastic dog sitter that eases separation anxiety between you and your dog? Sure, choosing a pet sitter is simple, but you need to focus more on a qualified pet sitter that not only has accumulated a lifetime of experience handling dogs but who is competent with common doggy emergencies.

Here are 5 steps to help you to find the perfect pet sitter.


1. Ask for referrals.

When choosing a pet sitter it’s important to tell everyone that you need help with finding a pet sitter. Reach out to your friends, family, and coworkers. Compile a list of at least ten pet sitters so you have plenty of options.


2. Prescreen dog sitters.

Call or email each potential dog sitter on the list. Have a set of basic questions to ask them before you book an appointment. People may not be available for the vacation dates you need, or their fees may be out of your price range. But don’t discredit a fair fee, as cheap rates may indicate a pet sitter has no experience.


3. Find specific services.

When finding a pet sitter, look for one who specializes in services you need. If you have dogs and cats, find one who has experience with both types of pets. If your pets need medication, find out if your sitter has certification for giving pills or injections. They should also be certified with a Pet First Aid Certificate. They should also provide a record of a recent criminal record check before you hire them. Find out if they’re willing to walk the dog to the nearest park rather than just your backyard.


4. Meet and greet.

If you feel that the pet sitter is a good fit for your dog, the next step to finding a qualified pet sitter is to have them meet your dog. It’s important that the pet sitter and your dog like each other. They should be able to use basic commands to get your dog to obey. If your dog likes, trusts, and responds to the pet sitter, that’s one more item you can tick off your choosing a pet sitter list.


5. Quality assurance.

Even though you’ve spent a large amount of time finding a pet sitter, they may still not be the right fit. Hire them for a short length of time first, just to see if it’ll work out. Do they put your dog’s things away properly? Is your dog happy and healthy when you return home or are they stressed out and anxious? Did they follow directions on dog food, water, medication, and outdoor walks? Your pet sitter should leave you a progress note and a digital photo or two.


Finding a qualified pet sitter doesn’t have to be difficult. Please visit Simple Puppy to browse through our list of qualified pet sitters. Over time your pet sitter will become a part of your family.

Image from Pexels