5 Reasons Why the French Bulldog Owner Looks Forward to Going Home

French Bulldog Needs Lots of Love

The French Bulldog has many coat colors, but the same distinctive big rounded ears and squashed jawline. This type of dog is around 25 to 27 pounds and is perfect for the apartment dweller. This breed of dog is more of a companion than an outdoor worker or service dog. If you own this breed of dog then there are many reasons why you’ll look forward to heading home after a long day at work.

1. Great lapdog.

Even though your lap may not be big enough for your French Bulldog, they will still try to sit on your lap. This is a dog that you can cuddle up with on the couch to watch TV after work, or to read a good book.

French Bulldog at the Beach
French Bulldog at the Beach

2. They’ll keep you busy.

This breed of dog has a high tendency to drool. If you’re not used to it then it may make you anxious. But there are few illnesses that a dog can pass along to its owner even if you kiss your dog a lot. It’s important to get a vet checkup for your dog at least once per year if you have this concern, otherwise, drooling is normal. And a drooling dog means that you’ll have to wash their blankets and your bedding a bit more often, but it will be worth it.

3. Funny sounds. The French Bulldog has a wide range of sounds. They only have a moderate tendency to bark. They’ll only bark when they need attention. But they do make funny snorting sounds that you’ll adore. They also snore in their sleep. If you’re a light sleeper then you may wish to set up a doggy bed in the living room so they don’t keep you awake at night.

4. Needs lots of love.

This type of dog will be excited when you come home from work. They have high social needs and will want to be by your side for every minute that you’re at home. If you’re ignoring your dog, they’ll be sure to tell you that they need more attention. This type of dog is perfect for the single human home, as they may get a bit jealous if your attention is focused elsewhere.

French Bulldog at home
French Bulldog at home

5. Nice even-tempered pet.

If you’re looking for a good pet, then the French Bulldog has a nice temper. They’re suitable for apartments, condos, or houses. They need to be walked, but not jogged, so you can have them in the big city where there’s not a lot of space to run around. This type of dog loves to be indoors and is good for leaving alone while you’re at work.

The French Bulldog has moderate grooming needs. You should take extra care in cleaning the folds of their facial wrinkles, just to prevent skin infections from occurring. If your dog needs a vet, visit the Simple Puppy website to find a good vet in your area.