5 Fun Activities To Do With Your Family Including Your Pets This Holiday Season

Bulldog on Christmas

Christmas is ahead, which also means that you’re going to be incredibly busy. While you’re busy going to parties, baking, cleaning the house, and entertaining in your own home, it’s important to not forget your pets. This is a time of year when everyone should feel happy and loved.

It’s important to include pets in your holiday and Christmas activities. Here are a few fun activities to include everyone during this happiest time of the year.

Family Portraits

Many pet supply stores and charitable animal organizations will hold a special event in your city in December. This is when you get to have a photo of your pet taken with Santa. Many photographers will also come to your house (a better option if you have cats too), and take photographs of the entire family. Your pets should be included in any and all photographs of the family.

After-Dinner Walks

Nothing is better after a big meal than heading outside for a walk around the neighborhood. Don’t forget the dogs. The last thing you want to do is have your pet sense that you feel inconvenienced that they need to be walked after their daily meals. Our pets will also feel happy knowing that everyone is going on the walk. If your cat loves going out on a leash, include them too. Walking will help to wear off that big meal and also help to stretch muscles that can become tight after all that sitting and chatting you’ll do over Christmas time.

Christmas Time
It’s Christmas Time!


Many families on Christmas Eve like to open at least one gift before the big day. Don’t forget to include your pets. For extra fun, play hide-a-gift. Your dog or cat can hunt for their treats that you’ve strategically placed around the living room. You can even hide small gifts for the kids or adults, but never hide chocolates, as these are poisonous to dogs and cats.

Backyard Fun

If your city gets snow in winter, head outdoors to build a snowman, and have snowball fights. Your dog will have fun chasing after the snowballs. If you don’t get snow, then head outside and toss a ball around in a circle. Your dog can be in the middle and try to grab it out of the air.

Gift Opening

When you buy gifts for your family, don’t forget your pets. There should be gifts under the tree for your pets on Christmas Day. If they are catnip or food, it’s not necessary to put them under the tree until gift opening time, unless you don’t mind your pet getting into them too early.

You don’t want your pet sad and moping in the corner because you are playing a game or eating a meal and excluding them. But when you include them in your Christmas activities, they’ll feel happy and loved. They’ll even be excited next year when they see the Christmas tree go up!